another tag!

ketepi semua…ade tag yang perlu diselesaikan dari Nida..

Y O U … C A N … O N L Y … T Y P E ……O N E … W O R D !
N O … E X P L A N A T I O N S !

1. Yourself: cute!
2. Your boyfriend :akii
3. Your hair:black
4. Your Mother: Garang
5. Your Father: kurus
6. Your Favorite Item:watch
7. Your dream last night: nothing
8. Your Dream Home: mansion
9. The Room You Are In: cold
10. Favorite colour: orange
11. Your fear: snake
12. Where do you want to be in ten years : Macca’
13. Who you hung out with last night: no one
14. What You’re Not: popular
15. Your Best Friend: happy
16. One of Your Wish List Items: rich
17. Your Gender:female
18. The Last Thing You Did: eating
19. What You Are Wearing: baju kurung
20. Your Favorite Weather:cloudy
21. The Last Thing You Ate: nasi Lemak
22. Your Life: great
23. Your Mood: happy
24. Who are you: secret
25. Who Do You Want To Tag: sumijelly


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