What’s up guys…erm, aku baru blk kelas eksperimental…dan group aku yg berdedikasi nih..kena buat tajuk maxim gorky..aku sendiri tk tahu aper makna tajuk utk short film ni. aku cuba research kt internet…hahaha..baru aku tahu…itu sebenarnya nama penulis buku rupenya..apala hampeh aku ni. maxim gorky merupakan seorang penulis dari Russia..dan die lebih dikenalil sbg socialist realism. berat ni tajuk ni. lect aku minta cari slh satu page dr buku die utk diadaptasikan ke dlm movie. keadaan kt Malaysia ni manala sama dgn rusia tu…kang jd lain plak…dan tajuk buku yg die suh cari tu ialah ‘lower depth’..japgi aku cari ar…

tadi lect tu dok tayang short film eksperimental yg membuatkan aku tertido sekejap selama 5 minit…boleh tahan boringnya eksperimental ni. lgpn bukan satu dua movie die tunjuk..aderla 5-6 tajuk. yg boring mmg aku menguap byk kali. bkn aku sorg je ek..ramai lg kengkawan dlm kls tu buat benda yg sama. nnti korg kata kau suke tido dlm kls lak. yela, ptg2 kelas..pas mkn lagi..mau tak tido.huuhu…lg plak ada cerita yg kita tak paham, bak kata lect aku tu…mmg mcm takde aper dlm film tu. tp sebenarnya die mmbawa amksud sndiri. aku yakin tiap2 org akan bg pendapat yg berbeza..malah klu ditanya pd pengarah tu sndiri mesti die pn bg jawapan yg sama. betul tak?

kat bawah ni ader info pasal maxim gorky ni klu korg berminat nak tahu la…aku copy and paste jer..hehehe..

Maxim Gorky

Born: 16 March 1868

Died: June 1936

Birthplace: Nizhny Novgorod (now Gorky), Russia

Best known as: Russian writer known for his socialist realism

Name at birth: Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov

lower depth - maxim gorky

Maxim Gorky (also spelled Maksim Gorki) is one of the giants of 20th century Russian literature and theater, known for his realistic depictions of how terrible it is to be poor and oppressed. Gorky himself grew up in rough times and was a lifelong spokesperson for the underclass. His political activism led to several years of exile, in spite of his popularity with Russian readers. By 1900 Gorky was a famous literary figure, thanks in part to help from Anton Chekhov. His short stories and his first novel, Foma Gordeyev (1902) gave him notoriety as well as critical success, but his outspoken opposition to the rule of Nicholas II led to his exile to the island of Capri (1907-13). After the 1917 revolution Gorky’s criticism of his friend V. I. Lenin and the Bolsheviks led to another period of what seems to be self-imposed exile, this time mostly in Italy (1921-1931). He continued to write, including plays such as The Counterfeit Coin (1926) and Yegor Bulychov (1931) and the novel The Artamov Business (1925). When Gorky returned to Russia he was greeted as a great Soviet hero and awarded just about every national honor there was. For a while Gorky had the reputation of “selling out” to Joseph Stalin‘s brutal regime, but the reasons for his return are unclear and nobody questions his sincere sympathy for the downtrodden. His death has long been a matter of speculation: either he died of natural causes or Stalin ordered his murder. His other works include the plays Na dne (1902, also known as The Nether Depths and The Lower Depths) and Mat’ (1907, also known as Mother), the book The Confession (1916) and a series of long memoirs that spanned pre- and post-revolutionary Russia.

Extra credit: In 1906 Gorky visited the United States, coming with the support of such dignitaries as Teddy Roosevelt and Mark Twain, but he was pilloried by the press because he was not married to the woman he was travelling with.


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